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"SON-T lamps stand out on lifespan"

12,500 lamps from Aruna Holland have been in use for more than 4,500 hours at tomato grower Royal Pride in the Netherlands. Measurements in the field as well as in the light laboratory now show that the decrease of the PAR light level in Aruna lamps, a normal phenomenon for all types of lamps, is much slower compared with the competition.

Image: 1000 Watt 400 Volt lamp from Aruna

"Our customers ask us more frequently to do field measurements on their light level, but we are always critical with the interpretation of the results. Field measurements are not always just as accurate," says Jeroen van Velzen, of Aruna Lighting from Breda. "When we found that the Aruna lamps performed very well above the competition, we engaged an independent party to redo the measurements. And they arrived at the same conclusion."

Subsequently, the lamps from the field were measured in the light laboratory, in the so-called integrated sphere. Measurements in the lab are by definition much more accurate than the measurements in the field, where environmental factors and pollution of fixtures always play a role. The measurement results do not lie. "The bulbs of the competition did decrease almost 0.5% per every 1,000 hours of use, while the Aruna bulbs decreased only 0.3% per 1,000 hours, so that Aruna bulbs after 4,500 hours in PAR value at Royal Pride perform 1% above the competition", Jeroen states. "In addition to the reduction in the light output, the outage was also tracked. With just 0.28% dropouts, also in this respect our lamps perform better than the market, according to this research."

"This result confirms that our patented technology works and leads to better performance, and less outage. With great confidence we look forward to the coming seasons," says Van Velzen.

For more information:
Aruna Lighting
Korte Huifakkerstraat 4A
4815 PS Breda
T. +31 76 56 23 767

Publication date: 2/28/2018



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