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Challenging vegetable season brings new markets for Poland

It's been a challenging season for European vegetable traders, especially when it comes to cabbage. This is why Agnieszka Arcimowicz from Polish exporter Targban said that it was important to continue to reach out to new markets, with the company seeing success in the Middle East.

Agnieszka Arcimowicz (right) from Targban at this year's Fruit Logistica.

"The price of cabbage was very low this season. We have had a lot of success in exporting our cabbage to the Middle East this year, but we did know that ahead of time. With a transport time of 40-45 days, it was of absolute importance to use data loggers to make sure that our vegetables made it to their end destination in good condition," stressed Agnieszka.

"The last thing you need are additional losses on top of low prices. I can't believe that there are still some companies sending their goods off with no traceability. Insurance companies will only cover losses when you can prove that something went wrong during transport, so as a company, you have to do what is necessary to protect your goods."

Targban is also seeing increased demand for their green bell peppers, but Agnieszka said the misconception that Polish vegetables are of a lesser quality than production from other countries, is still something that they are working on disproving.

"We have starting working more and more with the Gulf States and sending our peppers there and they have been received well. The high bell pepper prices in other producing countries had the market looking for a good quality alternative with a smaller price card and, along with the Middle East, we saw increased demand from countries such as Denmark and Sweden. Since we offer a wide variety of vegetables, we have noticed more and more increases in our customers asking for mixed trucks, a service which we can provide. In the coming season, we will continue to be on the watch for new markets and we are especially interested in further entry into the Danish market," concluded Agnieszka.

For more information:
Agnieszka Arcimowicz
Tel: +48 22 48 14 804
Fax: +48 22 48 14 801

Publication date: 2/22/2018



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