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"Good choices of veggies mean nothing if you still drink or smoke"

Consumers were frightened when news broke recently that hydroponically grown vegetables were found to contain chemical residues above the maximum limit.

Fuelled by an alarming survey released two years ago revealing some prepackaged organic veggies as also contaminated, it looks like the health conscious are left with no choice but to grow food in their own backyard.

Easier said than done, that is probably the best and most ideal solution to food hazards, said anti-ageing specialist Dr Thidakarn Rujipattanakul.

But, he also concluded, “We’d better pay attention to the whole picture. [...] You worry about contaminated vegetables but you eat a lot of processed food like ham and bacon, have zero exercise and not enough sleep. That’s useless. Do not just put your focus on vegetables. All elements for good health must be properly practised. Good choices of veggies mean nothing if you still drink or smoke.”

Read more at the Bangkok Post (Arusa Pisuthipan)

Publication date: 2/21/2018



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