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Thailand: Sugarcane grower looking to test greenhouse cultivation

An advanced Asian sugar industry company is considering using smart greenhouse technology. Sugarcane seedlings would be grown in greenhouses across the region, meaning a significant production step of Southeast Asia's major crop is conducted indoors and would have significant advantages with smart climate controlled technology.

The trial space is approximately 1500m2. This is the basis for further scalability throughout the Southeast Asian region. Papers pertaining to young sugarcane seedlings need to include the following KPIs:
  • CO2 utilization for sustainable purposes and accelerated growth
  • Disease free growing technology is required
  • Environmental isolation for experimental handling
  • Scalability, systems or solutions easy to scale
  • Service and support locally is a must
Horti Asia invites qualified experts based on approved papers to 'Horti Asia Innovation pitch'. The pitch is attended by final decision makers.

For more information:
Horti Asia

Publication date: 2/19/2018



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