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Imitation awareness: Patented Perlina aubergines

Perlina® aubergines are produced exclusively by the Italian company La Perla del Sud. The cultivation technique is inspired by integrated production principles and employs grafted plants. Pollination is carried out with the help of Bombus italicus insects, which are similar to bees. 
The variety is an F1 hybrid deriving from the cross-breed of parents generating small fruits. It is GMO-free as is obtained with traditional genetic methods. The produce is available all year round and is grown in greenhouses covering half a hectare in Ragusa, Sicily.

Production is under direct control of the owner and his family and they are very aware and afraid of imitations. "Perlina aubergines are also called mini-aubergines due to their size (15-30 grams per fruit with a length of 8-12 cm) and have been gaining the interest of consumers and operators for over ten years. Perlina® aubergines are very popular because of their very delicate sweet flavour. No salt and water are needed and they are ready in just 10 minutes", they explain. 

"Just like all other products, Perlina® has also been imitated, which only confuses consumers. Aubergines sold as Perlina® are varieties producing normal grades but which are harvested prematurely, thus reducing shelf-life and affecting organoleptic properties."

But how to tell if a product is original? 
First of all, the Perlina® name was registered at the Italian Patent and Trademark Office as a commercial brand. In addition, the variety is also part of the national vegetable register of the Ministry of Agricultural, Food and Forestry Policy. Moreover, you only need to taste it once to clarify any confusion.


  • from now on, the original will carry a sticker on each packet (see below);
  • Perlina® aubergines are rarely over 12 cm long; 
  • the flavour is delicate and almost sweet;
  • no need to soak or peel them.

Perlina® aubergines are unique: beware of imitations!

La Perla del Sud
di Giombattista Campoccia
via IV Novembre 5/g
97019 Vittoria (RG)
Cell.: 335 7465062

Publication date: 2/16/2018



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