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Spain: Berry company invests 8 million Euro in modernisation and digitalisation

Cuna de Platero, one of Huelva's main agricultural cooperatives, based in Moguer, has invested eight million Euro in its production plant for the modernisation and digitalisation of all the processes implemented by the company in order to improve customer services.

"For Cuna de Platero, this project entailed the implementation of new working methods, making the leap to digitalisation," explained the president, José Manuel Márquez, who added that "it is a commitment to protecting our jobs, with professionals trained and adapted to their new job profiles, for which we will rely on our newly created Human Resources department."

The project, which has been underway for seven months, has completely changed the way Cuna de Platero works.

"The goal is for us to remain at the forefront of the sector, while providing sustainability to all areas of the company: environmental, social and economic," stressed Márquez.

With this remodelling, Cuna de Platero makes the leap from a traditional work model to a technological and digital one, always under the leadership of professionals.

Among the improvements implemented, one of the most noteworthy is the new packaging and palletising system, which allows for the optimization of these processes, thus improving the management of the orders.

Also, the firm has digitised all of the cooperative's processes with a Business Resource Planning System, also known as Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP). Every process, from the reception to the shipment of the fruit, including production, distribution or human resources, is under control.

These innovations "are allowing us to make progress in terms of traceability, planning and control of all our activities, which will result in improvements in the working environment, a more complete service to our customers and fresh fruit of the highest quality for the consumers."

Source: EFE

Publication date: 2/14/2018



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