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Kenya: Starting a successful greenhouse business

If you’re passionate about agriculture, then establishing a greenhouse farming business can be the ideal way of turning a hobby into an income generating activity, according to this Tuko article. While establishing a commercial greenhouse may be labor-intensive and costly, beginning with a small greenhouse may not require much cash.

Investing Ksh. 120,000 [1185 USD] in a greenhouse business may rake in up to Ksh. 1.2 million [11,900 USD] annually, thanks to the efficient technology which keeps adverse weather and pests at bay. The cost of greenhouse polythene in Kenya is Ksh. 150,000 [1482 USD]. Notably, the government has introduced miniature greenhouses that cost as low as Ksh. 40,000 [395 USD].

Most farmers in Kenya who deal with horticultural products such as capsicum, onions, and tomatoes have managed to become instant millionaires with this venture. For instance, a single tomato plant may yield between 16 and 20 kgs, and the current market rate for a kilo of fresh tomatoes goes for about Ksh. 150 – Ksh. 250 [1.50-2.47 USD]. So, one square meter of the crop may fetch about Ksh. 3,000 [30 USD]. This means that an average greenhouse may earn you about Ksh. 400,000 [3950 USD] on a single harvest.

Read more at Tuko (Nixon Aswani)

Publication date: 2/14/2018



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