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Gaps expected to arise in California broccoli market

Excellent growing conditions have contributed to a boost in broccoli production in California. Growers have said the conditions are overall good, however the good weather is also speeding up production, prompting producers to carefully monitor schedules.

"We have experienced beautiful weather in our growing regions," said Kerry Adam of Adam Bros. Produce Sales, Inc. "The weather has been unseasonably warm and dry which is providing good conditions for broccoli, and creating a good foundation for planting during Spring. Some harvest dates have run forward a bit, however we have not had any issues on the new plantings side of the business. Spring broccoli plantings remain on schedule for now but it's something we will continue to monitor."

Market remains flat
With the warm weather pushing production, the market remains flat, as it has been for several weeks. However, the prediction is for a future supply gap with an associated rise in price, should production continue to bunch up. 

"Supply bunched up a little earlier and as a result, the market has been rather poor," Adam said. "However, prices are expected to climb as the season progresses. While volume is high now, the cycle has to catch up to schedule at some point, meaning there will be gaps in supply eventually. It will all depend on how long the warmer weather will remain, and how far it will push into Spring."

Good long term trend for broccoli
Despite the current glut in supply, the fundamentals in the broccoli market remain solid. Growers noted that quality is good, reflecting the overall weather conditions. Demand is also good and consumers are finding favor in the vegetable due to its health properties as well as its ease to prepare.

"Adam Brothers has a year-round broccoli program out of Santa Maria where we grow, pack and ship sell crowns, bunch, and export," Adam continued. "Quality will continue to be very good as a result of the continued mild winter weather. We have had no harsh weather in any form and as long as it continues to stay that way, the quality of the broccoli is expected to remain exceptional."

"The long-term trend is very positive, with steady demand," he added. "Consumers are aware that broccoli is a healthy product. Additionally, it is easy to prepare which is an attractive point for many consumers."

For more information:
Adam Brothers Produce Sales, Inc.
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Publication date: 2/13/2018



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