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Feasibility of flexible thin glass in greenhouses

In a recently published study the feasibility of the application of flexible thin glass in greenhouses was researched. With the development of thin but very strong glass plates, as used for mobile telephones, new possibilities emerge for new greenhouse roof designs and new possibilities to apply these glass panels in multilayer glazing for highly insulating greenhouse roofs.

Strong and flexible
Flexible thin glass is a tempered glass. While standard tempered glass undergoes a thermal process, here it concerns a chemical process, which makes the glass much stronger. This chemical process brings about the possibility of making it thinner and to bend it. By adding nano coatings, the reflection can be reduced and the light transmission can be increased. For example, multi-layered greenhouse roofs can be made, resulting in a higher light transmission than from the currently available multi-layer polycarbonate hollow-core slabs (PC), but also a higher transmission than the presently used double insulating glass.

20% energy saving
The study shows that this leads to additional energy savings of up to 20% based on heat with Phalaenopsis. Thin glass panels are particularly strong and can also be used in a curved shape. This makes new greenhouse roof designs with glass possible. Especially the low weight offers advantages here. Important mechanical aspects and restrictions for this glass have been mapped out. Due to limitations in available dimensions and high prices, the application of thin glass in greenhouses is not a current reality.

Source: Kas als Energiebron

Publication date: 2/13/2018



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