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US (WI): Disney inspires food cultivation at pub

At O’Brien’s Irish American Pub, there is more to being green than just the bar and restaurant’s Irish heritage.

In fact, O’Brien’s — in the Washington Heights neighborhood at 4928 W. Vliet St., Milwaukee — is sustainably cultivating much of the food it serves.

Co-owner Brian Eft, who grew up in Washington Heights and also owns a small excavating company, had spent his youth working in bars — cleaning them from age 10 on and then tending the bar when he was old enough.

This past March, during a family trip to Disney World’s EPCOT Center, the proverbial light went on in Eft’s head — and it was shining on greens.

While visiting the 6-acre Land Pavilion, Eft and his family took the 13-minute Living With the Land boat ride through natural environments, demonstrating ways agriculture can be developed, and crops cultivated in even the harshest environments. Hydroponics, aeroponics and aquaculture were used to produce some of the food served in the pavilion’s cafe, including Mickey Mouse-shaped cucumber slices.

“That’s when the light went on for me,” Eft says. “Disney was the catalyst. I got off the ride and got on the phone.”

Read more at the Wisconsin Gazette (Michael Muckian)

Publication date: 2/12/2018



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