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Netherlands: Expansion Royal Pride Group begins

It is never quiet in the area along the A7 in Middenmeer. Many square meters of glass have risen in the last years, but also industrial buildings, data centers, geothermal projects and housing apartments were built. All this in an area where over 10 years ago the first shapes of a new standard became visible when Royal Pride established itself as the first company in this area.

The first trellis are connected to the old greenhouse, which was already fully prepared for this event.

There are several well-known names in this area for which Havecon was able to realize many projects. For Royal Pride, the team of Van den Ende and Van Kleef have started building the next phase. The total acreage of this location will become 600,000m² of glass. The greenhouse is built with 12.80 meter trellis, a 4.5 meter bay length, and has a gutter height of 7.30 meter. The roof is equipped with 1.50 x 2.28 diffuse glass with AR and will have a perpendicular transmission of 97%.

In only a short time the first columns are installed

"At Havecon it is always something special when we start a new project at Royal Pride," Henk Verbakel says, "because in 2006 they were the ones who trusted us after the start of Havecon and placed the first order, for 15 hectares of phase 2. We want to live up to their trust in us again and again."

Other contractors are Vepritec for the screens, PB for water, electricity and light and VB to provide the climate control. "With all the contractors together, we hope to ensure that planting can start in September in this beautiful expansion."

Construction runs from the center towards the side gable

For more information:
Havecon Kassenbouw B.V.
Marconistraat 32
2665 JE  Bleiswijk
Postbus 25
2665 ZG Bleiswijk
Tel. +31(0)10 266 32 70
Fax +31(0)10 266 32 71

Publication date: 2/7/2018



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