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March 12-14, Oakland

US (CA): Expert advice on indoor cultivation facility design

The design or expansion of an indoor cultivation facility involves many considerations, from planning to optimizing environmental controls. At the Cannabis 2018 Cultivation Conference, speaker Casey Rivero, lead cultivation manager at Oregon’s Yerba Buena, will share tips for designing or expanding an indoor cultivation facility. Here is a preview of Rivero’s talking points.

Pre-Planning is Essential
Pre-planning based on a facility’s location is a major factor Rivero considers when designing an indoor facility, he says. Sun and weather patterns, power and water sources, municipal regulations and neighbors should all be assessed when designing an efficient facility, he notes.

Maintain a Stable Environment
“Plants like an extremely stable environment,” Rivero says, adding that the more thought given to environmental factors and how the plants will interact with that environment, the more success an indoor cultivation is likely to have.

“Being able to control every portion of the environment to the smallest wavelength is really important,” he says. “The more data that gets analyzed, the more easily people are going to be able to understand what their facility is doing. The more you analyze each component of the environment, the easier it’s going to be to optimize the efficiency of your systems.”

Learn more
Attend the session “Facility Design I: Indoor” on Tuesday, March 13 at the Cannabis 2018 Cultivation Conference to hear Rivero, Black Diamond Biotech/Ascendant Management’s Andrew Lange and Panacea Valley Gardens’ Jesce Horton discuss the many facets to consider when designing or expanding an indoor cultivation facility.

Cannabis 2018 will take place in Oakland, California from March 12-14, 2018.

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Publication date: 2/7/2018



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