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Reclosable packaging films

At the Fruit Logistica in Berlin this week, Mediane will introduce a new resealable packaging. This packaging will be introduced under the name 'peel & reseal'.

"In the market we see a trend towards 'resealable' as well as a clear demand from the fruit and vegetable sector for a practical and economical resealable packaging, in particular a resealable flowpack packaging", says Robert van der Laan. "Many of our customers in Europe are looking for alternatives to PET trays for cost reasons and/or to bring less plastic into the environment. They are also looking for an upgrade of the current flowpack packaging. "

The flowpack packaging, for example, for cut herbs is often 'oversized', so too much packaging material compared to the size of the product. In addition, the packaging has to be torn open and the product ends up loose, or poorly packed, in the refrigerator which reduces the shelf life. Certainly not an 'ideal packaging' and therefore no wonder that there is a clear need from the consumer for a more compact package, which takes up less space in the refrigerator, can be reclosed and its content can be kept fresh for a longer period.

Printing an eye-spot to the packaging film when applying the peel & reseal re-close label, makes it possible for the packer to better adjust the height of the packaging to the size of the product on the flowpacker. In some cases, up to 25% of packaging material can be saved just by reducing the height of the pack. Moreover, the presentation of the product on the shelf will be improved and more units can be packed into the outer carton/shelf. All contributing to cost savings.

The Peel & Reseal label is a PP label and the advantage of this is, that we use a single packaging material and not a combination of materials. A combination of a PP film + PP label can be recycled as opposed to a PP film + paper label. In view of the recycling chain, it is preferable to avoid combinations of plastics and paper. Barcodes and further information such as expiry date and origin can be applied directly to the flowpack film by means of coding equipment on the flowpacker itself.

"The possibilities and applications are endless", according to Mediane. We can produce combinations of BOPP Anti-Fog where the film is printed and the label unprinted, or BOPP Anti-Fog unprinted film with a printed label. We can also Laser or perforate Micro/Macro. Other applications are TOPWEB film where we place the label on, for example, a PET Anti-Fog topweb. We see possibilities in the market for cut herbs but also for the packing of baby leaf, lettuce and (snack) carrots or other healthy snacks, olives, mini cucumbers, you name it. Practically for all products where it is important to be able to reseal the packaging.

We see this as an interesting add-on to our existing packaging range, especially in combination with our high-quality High Definition printing and Laser and Micro/Macro perforation capabilities.

Fruit Logistica Hall 1.2 | A-10

For more information:
P.O. Box 1623
3600 BP Maarssen
The Netherlands
Tel: +31 346 285029
E-Mail address:

Publication date: 2/6/2018



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