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Iceberg lettuce in high production in the Southwest US

Production of Iceberg lettuce in the southwest United States has increased. The high level of production has been attributed to the unseasonably warm weather that has positioned itself over the region. As a result, supply is becoming abundant and quality is very high. Growers noted that schedules are accelerating and they are now ahead in the season.

"Our Iceberg lettuce production is located in Yuma, Arizona at this time of year," said Doug Classen, of The Nunes Company. "The Arizona season lasts from mid-November to the end of March. We are currently 1 or 2 weeks ahead of schedule, meaning there is a chance we will finish earlier than expected in March. This is due to the boost in production from ideal growing conditions in the region. There has been no cold weather and we have been seeing persistently warm temperatures. The crop is bountiful and quality is very high."

Markets soft
As Iceberg lettuce supply levels increase, market prices are quite low. The stagnant market has persisted for several months now as production has been strong in all growing regions. Additionally, colder weather along the East coast has seen demand fall in that market.

"As supply has been abundant, along with bad weather on the East coast, markets have been depressed," Classen said. "FOBs are in between $7.00 and $8.00 and have been there the last few months. This is not likely to change in the coming weeks. However, with production currently ahead, there may be some supply gaps in the future, especially in March and April."

Southern Exposure attendance
The Nunes Company will be attending Southern Exposure in Tampa at the beginning of March. "We are looking forward to the show as it gives us a chance to meet people from the industry. It's a great opportunity to see what is going on in the industry as well as meeting up with customers." The Nunes Company will be at Booth number 641.

For more information:
Doug Classen
The Nunes Company
Tel: +1 (831) 751-7500

Publication date: 2/6/2018



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