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New brand unites equipment and automation for Vertical Farming

Netled launches new brand - Vera®, Turn-Key Vertical Farm at Fruit Logistica, Berlin 7.2. -9.2.2018. The new brand includes all the equipment and automation needed for succesful, highly productive vertical farming. 

Netled has been developing unique vertical farm concept for several years now. The first commercial scale vertical farm was built as a joint project between Netled, other technology partners in Finland and a Finnish grower. This 500m2 growing facility has been operating for 1,5 years now and results speak for themselves. After succesful testing, various field tests and lots of development work Netled now offers full turn-key farming solution for vertical farming – Vera®. The first commercial scale Vera® project is currently in delivery. Now, in Berlin, the new Vera® concept is publicly presented for the first time.

Vera® consists of 6 elements needed when building a vertical farm; Lighting, Climate, Mechanics, Irrigation, Processing and Automation. All the elements are specially designed to work together seamlessly, so that the customer can concentrate on growing. Vera® can also be offered with 7th element – Virtual Power Plant. Completely digitally adjustable lighting system enables turning the vertical farm into a system, where electricity company reserves the led luminaire power to stabilize the grid.

Functionality is automated and does not require customer to manage the system. The momentary light loss is fully compensated by automation.
Netled opens Technology Center in its premises in Finland this spring, where Vera® - technology will be on display for visitors. 

And a new fixture
Netled also introduces a new model for efficient plant lighting at Fruit Logistica. The luminaire is enclosed in the same frame as the previous models, but now it contains more light power and efficiency.

The light fixture power is 240W and it produces 550 – 670 µmol/s, depending on the spectrum. Even higher light amount still can be created with certain spectrum up to efficiency of 3,0 µmol/s/J. The New Overhead 240W has 400V input current. The new model includes many extra features like digital contactor free control, linear adjustment of lighting, low inrush current, embedded automation, virtual power plant compatibilty and much more. Netled provides automation interface for lighting projects. When more cost efficient installation and higher light intensity from one spot is required, Netled offers Overhead Double – Overhead fixture packed in Double version, where only one electrical switch and suspension bracket is needed for this package of 480W fixture combination.

“As all professional led fixture developers know, the highest efficacy can be achieved by reducing the amount of other wavelengths to absolute minimum and adding the red wavelength. As all professional growers know, the best spectrum for efficient growing is something else. The first priority to a grower is the potential maximum crop that can be achieved with right mixture of efficiency and spectrum. Real energy savings are made with digital adjustment of led lighting. This means that artificial lighting is responsing in real time to day light radiation levels and the plant always receives only the required amount of light in order to reach the wanted DLI. Digital adjustment is the key feature in any led fixture to reach all the benefits and profits LED technology has to offer.“ - Niko Kivoja, CEO of Netled.

You are welcome to meet Netled´s team and hear more at Fruit Logistica, Berlin. You can find Netled in Hall 8.1,

Publication date: 2/5/2018



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