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Blast from the past: 1929 tomato seeds

"Haven Seed Company offers the following varieties of tomato and other seeds, for delivery after harvest." Sounds good? Hang on, don't order just yet... these tomato seeds are from 1929.

Old news perhaps, but it does make for an interesting read: "We grow all our Tomato Seed, and for seed purposes only. Our entire force gives their careful attention to the production of the highest grade of Tomato Seed.

"All seed is thoroughly washed, milled, and securely packed for safe carriage.

"If you have special strains or varieties other than those listed herein which you wish grown, write us and we will endeavor to meet your requirements.

"Plans for seed supplies must be made in advance and we are now preparing for the 1929 crop of Tomatoes. Your order should be placed early. Additional orders may be made later as we may be able to accept them.

"In event of crop failure, loss by fire or other causes beyond our control, we make a full pro rata delivery."

For the full 'blast from the past', check out the Biodiversity Heritage Library.

Publication date: 2/7/2018



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