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Jorrit de Vries has over 25 years of experience in the sector.

Planasa incorporates a new CEO for its subsidiary in Holland

The Planasa company, in its quest to strengthen its commercial activity and to develop new varieties in the north and east of Europe, has just welcomed Jorrit de Vries as the new CEO of Planasa Holland. With over 25 years of experience in the sector, Jorrit has a far-reaching career in the red berries business.

One of the targets within Planasa’s strategic plan for the coming years is to expand its nursery business to the north and east of Europe, an area in which its activity currently focuses on strawberries, raspberries, blueberries and asparagus. To do this, it has nursery agricultural operations in strategic parts of Europe and Morocco, as well as a network of Research and Development centres positioned within the most representative markets. Jorrit’s background in the fruit and vegetable sector, in particular in red berries, will be critical to the achievement of this objective.

Throughout his vast trajectory, Jorrit has acquired broad experience in the different phases of the business value chain: the production of fruit, the technical management of berry nurseries, and the subsequent commercialisation of the plants. Recently he has also been working as a consultant for agricultural farmers in different countries regarding the cultivation of red berries.

“For us, his position is fundamental because it concerns a strategic area for Planasa where we see great opportunities for the company, and in which, year on year, we will increase our presence so we can offer varieties and types of plants that really attract the attention of our clients”, ensures Alexandre Pierron-Darbonne, President of Planasa.

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Javier Roncalés Pérez
Tel: +34 948 26 37 00 / +34 616 835 976


Publication date: 2/2/2018



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