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1 stand, 4 innovations: 50 years of potting machines

As an exhibitor right from the very start, Mayer Heidenheim (Germany) showcased innovations designed to boost the customerís productivity and ensure quality at the IPM 2018.
This year's focus was on four groundbreaking innovations for ornamental plant businesses and tree nurseries. At the same time visitors at the Mayer booth had the opportunity to experience professional horticulture in augmented reality for the very first time. The newly developed Mayer app brings 2D drawings to life. In this way, Mayer machines can be viewed three-dimensionally in space from all sides.
In cooperation with the Dutch partner Visser, a Mayer potting machine TM 2400 DR and a Visser transplanter PC 11 with 4 grippers were shown as a perfectly coordinated package for automation.

The tree nursery potting machine of the future
On the basis of 50 years of experience and following many conversations with customers, Mayer has designed a completely new machine, developed specifically to meet the needs of tree nurseries. The TM 2040 is an extremely robust and durable machine that can process up to 2,000 pots per hour. At the same time, Mayer has not lost sight of the need for flexibility. The new machine can handle pot sizes of 12 to 40 cm and includes a soil container with a capacity of up to 5,000 litres without tunnel formation. Additional substrate can be added very precisely via a tripartite soil chute. A cone placed in the centre of the turntable prevents excess substrate from remaining on the turntable. The TM 2040 is expected to be available in the second half of 2018.

Record in pot separation
One of the major highlights at the Mayer booth was the new pot dispenser Potjet. It has never been easier or quicker to switch between different pot sizes. This new solution for pot separation does not require to change pot feeds and can be used for round storable plastic pots of 12 to 40 cm in diameter, even with electrostatically charged pots. The electrically driven pot dispenser Potjet is not only compatible with all Mayer potting machines but also with potting machines of other brands.

Expanded portfolio for seedling companies
For fast root development of young plants, Mayer offers a new solution for the automated production of biologically degradable paper pots made from non-woven paper. These environmentally friendly pots ensure healthy plant growth, enabling the production of high-quality ornamental plants, trees, fruit plants and vegetables. Nothing stands in the way of propagating cuttings and seeds anymore.
Young plants grown in paper pots show a more branched root network and can be transplanted in a particularly root-friendly manner. The high-quality and low-maintenance Mayer paper pot machine is very easy to operate and can be conveniently controlled via a colour touch screen. On request, a so-called paper pot inserter is available for automated loading of trays with the finished paper pots.

The evolution of soil mixing
The latest generation of the Mayer soil mixer EM 6016 promises extremely high speeds and mixing in just 3 minutes. At the same time it ensures gentle substrate preparation and a homogeneous final product - a substrate mixture manufactured exactly according to the customer's requirements. The EM 6016 with a volume of 1,600 litres is suitable for mixing turf and soil with perlite, water and other materials. The processing of coconut fibres (cocopeat) is also possible without any problems. Integrated into a production line, the EM 6016 ensures substrate feed to downstream machines such as potting machines, substrate pressing machines or other filling machines. Via the built-in PLC control up to three soil mixers can be combined.
For more information:
PoststraŖe 30
89522 Heidenheim
T: +49 7321 9594 290
F: +49 7321 9594 299

Publication date: 2/2/2018



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