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Greenhouse tomatoes out of Mexico seeing solid production

The weather has been favorable for growers of greenhouse tomatoes. Production and quality have been good on all varieties as sunshine persists in the Mexican growing regions. Florida, too, is seeing improved weather conditions and as a result, volume and quality is increasing. Currently, all tomato varieties are in peak production and growers are happy with the way production is progressing.

"The greenhouse tomato season is progressing along smoothly," said Jimmy Munguia of Del Campo. "Our production is currently in Sinaloa as well as San Luis Potosi. The weather has been great in these regions, with sunny and warm conditions aiding plant growth. We grow Romas, TOV, grape tomatoes, and beefsteak and all varieties are in peak production."

Market weaker on softer demand
While production is at high levels, demand has also softened in recent weeks due to cooler weather across the United States, resulting in a dip in prices. Growers, however, are not concerned and said that this is quite normal for this time of year. Prices are expected to rise gradually again as the season continues.

"The market is a bit low at the moment because of the strong supply," Munguia said. "Demand is a little soft also as winter progresses in the US. Prices are in the single digits now but we are doing well overall, as this kind of market is normal for this time of year. Quality remains high and we expect demand to improve once the weather becomes milder. We are hoping that the market will improve over the next few weeks."

According to Munguia, quality and sizing remain consistent when the tomatoes are grown in the greenhouse. "Under greenhouse conditions, we can better manage natural effects on the crop like weather conditions and moisture," he said. "This enables us to achieve more consistent sizing and maintain better freshness and quality, which is preferable to customers."

For more information:
Jimmy Munguia
Del Campo
Tel: +1 (520) 281-4733

Publication date: 2/1/2018



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