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Innovative Fresh trend report:

"2018 is all about quality, ethics, transparency and convenience"

In a report published by Innovative Fresh, 2018 is all about quality, ethics, transparency and convenience. The modern shopper is demanding a more transparent view of the market and the ability to align their own values with those of the retailer.

Modern consumers are on the lookout for more personalised shopping experiences, and the rise of online shopping has made this more attainable for consumers.

"Who will survive in an increasingly hostile environment where the old rules of retail are being bent and broken? Essentially, it’s those who embrace and innovate with digital. As we’ve seen from Amazon’s recent purchase of Whole Foods, no industry is safe from the tide of digital-savvy newcomers who are equipped to address new challenges. Whether it’s using digital research to inform in-store experiences that will delight and amaze, listening to customers on which products they want most, learning about your audience and the different groups within it or bossing social with your unique tone of voice, it’s brands that incorporate the digital world into their decision making that will triumph. One thing hasn’t changed since Gruen’s first mall was built: listen to the people and create things for them and you can’t lose." 

Click here to read the full report, published today from Innovative Fresh.

For more information:
Innovative Fresh
Tel: +31 (0) 850 656 214

Publication date: 1/31/2018



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