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Too few bees could mean higher food prices

Florida bee keepers alarmed

Florida bee keepers are wondering what the future holds. The reason is bees are dying by the millions, and that could spell higher food prices.

“The honey bee population in Florida is really in a crisis,” said Dave Hackenberg from Trilby, in Pasco County. His business is renting bee hives to farmers so the bees can pollinate crops. But for the last 10 years, the bee population has dwindled, and Hurricane Irma didn’t help. “Irma probably took out 75,000 to 80,000 hives of bees. Just from flooding, wind and ancillary damage,” said Hackenberg.

Lee Rosen, CEO of Healthy Bees from Miami Beach, makes a supplement for sick bees. He believes the product, called BeesVita, could save the bee population. Bees eat it and, according to Rosen, become stronger. reports that Hackenberg said the solution to the declining bee population is additional research to find out what is killing them off, and how to stop it. Because the food supply depends on it.

Publication date: 2/1/2018



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