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Up to 35 meters in width

China: "Frost protection fleece reduces labour costs"

"In recent years, as the awareness for environmental protection increased, non-woven fabrics have become vital in agriculture, because they can preserve heat better, and ventilate well. This reduces the production costs, and improves the product quality. Compared to developed western countries, China has only put this non-woven technology into practice for a short period of time, and is still in the development phase," according to Ms. Rita from HK Ridany International Limited.

Farmers are using non-woven frost protection fleece to cover their vegetables

The placement of the non-woven frost protection fleece

"China and western countries use the non-woven fabrics in different ways. This is caused by several factors, the main one being the national policies. In the developed countries, there is much awareness for environmental protection, and the requirements for material quality are rather high. Some countries have even drawn up rigid regulations on the matter. In China, however, there are no regulations that limit farmers in using other products like plastic fleece."

Non-woven frost protection fleece

Non-woven frost protection fleece

"Our company was established in 2011. We have a whole range of products, including a non-woven fabric, frost protection fleece, weed control fabric, and plant protecting bags for fruit and vegetables. We have a non-woven fabric facility of over 10,000 square meters, and mainly sell to Europe and America. In the past year, our frost protection fleece has made a breakthrough in the manufacturing. With a width of over 35 meters, our customers can severely reduce labour costs."

Vegetables are covered with non-woven frost protection fleece

Non-woven frost protection fleece

"Recently, we mostly have had foreign customers, but we are also open to orders from the Chinese market. When looking at the production costs, we are hoping for orders of over 5,000 square meters. For orders of over 50,000 square meters, our technological team can even offer the customers custom made products."

Ms. Rita
HK Ridany International Limited
Guangzhou Huadu Junyu Nonwoven Fabric Factory  
Phone: +86 20 2983 0075   
Fax: +86 20 6261 9643   
Skype: ritaxiao87
Phone & WhatsApp:+86 135 6027 0193

Publication date: 1/31/2018



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