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high durability and minimum daylight interception

Toplighting luminaire with open reflector introduced

BLV, known as one of the biggest producers of HPS lamps worldwide, is becoming a complete solution provider. Their lighting system includes a brand new luminaire, a reliable power supply and the well-established high quality lamp: "All from one source", they explain.

The BLV toplighting luminaire is optimized for high durability and minimum daylight interception. The open reflector design guarantees optimal lamp performance and easy maintenance.  

The brand new luminaire comes with a BLV power supply, which is EMI/EMC compliant and equipped with all necessary safety features. The power supply operates the double-ended BLV HPS and MH lamps of 600 W, 750 W and 1000 W, which are known for their best-in-class PAR values, PAR maintenance and durability. 

Moreover, more than 70 logs can be viewed wirelessly with a handy device. A simple software adjustment allows easy exchange between power rates and therefore offers great flexibility and reliability.

The entire system has been engineered in Germany and is produced at the BLV facilities in both Germany and Poland. In September last year, the company opened a brand new 5000 m2 factory in Poland, which stands for latest technology and highest quality standards. Our international sales team operates from Munich, Germany, Warsaw, Poland and Oude Meer in the Netherlands.

The BLV international team at the IPM last week 

For more information:
Muenchener Strasse 10
85643 Steinhoering

Publication date: 1/30/2018



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