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Philips Lighting introduces new GreenPower LED toplighting

"Higher efficacy, light output and a longer lifetime"

Philips Lighting has been promoting the new GreenPower LED toplighting modules since IPM Essen, helping greenhouse growers improve the growth of lettuce, herbs and high-wire vegetable crops. Both new versions offer a higher light efficacy of up to 3.3 µmol/J, a longer lifetime of 35,000 burning hours and exceptional energy efficiency compared to the former toplighting module. The 520 µmol/s photon flux version is designed to cost-efficiently enhance growth of high-wire tomato and cucumber crops by producing the optimal amount of light in a full LED system, while using less energy. The 620 µmol/s version is ideal for increasing light output for horizontal cultivation of lettuce and herbs.

Increasing light or decreasing energy costs
“For many years, the use of LED toplighting for greenhouse vegetable cultivation has been steadily growing. Now we can offer an even more efficient solution for a variety of vegetable growing needs,” said Udo van Slooten, Business Leader Horticulture at Philips Lighting. “Whether growers are looking to apply more light to leafy greens or herbs or focus to reduce their energy costs, the improved GreenPower LED toplighting can meet both requirements.”

Uniform light distribution and long lifetime
The 620 µmol/s version GreenPower LED toplighting module may be mounted on a trellis and deliver uniform light distribution. This gives growers the flexibility to create light plans without the use of an additional C profile. The average lifetime is much longer to increase the return on investment – a rated average lifetime of 35,000 burning hours compared to 25,000 of the former toplighting module. The 400V input voltage module will replace the current 400V toplighting portfolio, and will be available before summer 2018 for the European, Asian and Australian markets.

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Publication date: 2/14/2018



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