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'Albania has potential to become the next Greece or Italy'

The Albanian agriculture sector is booming. In the last two years, Miron Topciu from L&B Fruits 2006, says that the production of fruit and vegetables has increased by 30%. The company is made up of fruit and vegetable growers, which gives them a combined production of 90 hectares, making them one of the biggest exporters in Albania.

"We have so much potential here. Our production area is below sea level, offering us a microclimate, which, along with our rich soil, makes the conditions perfect for agriculture. This climate also makes year round production possible. We started exporting just 5 years ago, but the boom I have seen in the last 2 years is mind blowing," Miron exclaimed.

The main product is tomatoes, available year round, in two cycles; from March-August and then again from October to January. This time of year means winter vegetable production, and Miron said they are currently busy with leeks, cabbages, broccoli and cauliflower, amongst others. Throughout the year, some other products they grow include cucumbers, peppers, strawberries, clementines and garlic.

"Albania's prices are 20-30% lower than the market prices in Italy or Greece and unlike these countries which have set weekly prices, our prices change daily, sometimes several times per day. This can make trade difficult, but it can also bring a lot of opportunities," continued Miron.

Along with export possibilities, Miron said that he feels like there are limitless investment opportunities in the agriculture sector.

"We are perfectly placed here for agriculture, not only because of our rich lands and perfect climate and inexpensive labour, but we are also in a great location logistically. Italian and Israeli investors, in particular, have been making a lot of investments in greenhouse technologies, but I think that we are just scratching the surface. The potential is enormous."

For more information:
Miron Topciu
L&B Fruits 2006
Tel: +355693320403

Publication date: 1/26/2018



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