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Aussies breed cukes and tomatoes for ingredients

Australia Day is here, and itís got the people at Abundant Natural Health thinking about the role that their Australian heritage plays in the creation of their products and the role that the business plays in the community.

"Weíre proudly Aussie plant breeders first and foremost, and thatís important to us as it really does begin and end with the amazing vegetables that we grow and the ingredients that we source from this special country of ours", they write in a blog post. "We extract a highly concentrated form of lycopene, which goes into the amazing Lycopene Face Range, from our tomatoes, which are purpose bred at Sydney Universityís Plant Breeding Institute at Cobbitty, NSW. Our cucumbers, which go into our potent Magnesium muscle recovery and relief range, are purpose bred to ensure high levels of targeted phytonutrients and combined with a highly concentrated form of magnesium, which is naturally sourced from untapped, ancient lakes in Australia. Our salt, which contains 10 times the concentration of seawater salt, and is infused with the juices of our purpose bred cucumbers to make our highly effective Salt Soothing Gel, is sourced from natural solar brines in WA. Weíre really excited to have found the secret to anti-aging and beautiful skin in our own backyard.

"But we donít just take the best that nature has to offer and leave it at that; we take these superior, purpose bred, natural ingredients and leveraging cutting edge research and technology, transform them into our powerful skin and body care ranges. Take our tomatoes for example. We work in collaboration with the best and brightest at UNSW and have adapted their Supercritical Fluid Extraction process; using CO2, which is non harmful or toxic, as a solvent under supercritical conditions, this advanced extraction technology makes it possible to extract the active lycopene in its purest and most active form, which we can then put into our products. This superhero ingredient, with its anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory and anti-aging properties provides relief from sun damage, sensitivities and irritated skin conditions, lifts and plumps, minimizes fine lines and wrinkles and improves skin texture and hydration."

Read more at the Abundant Natural Health blog.

Publication date: 1/29/2018



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