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World first for sustainable soils - topora®aqua

Local raw material provides alternative to coconut products

At IPM 2018 the Kleeschulte Substrate Factory introduced to the market a world first - topora®aqua. The first alternative to peat and coconut products, this product innovation exhibits excellent water-retaining properties and thus opens up completely new possibilities for sustainable soils and substrates.

This represents a quantum leap forward, which has long been sought by our team. The goal was to develop a sustainable alternative to water-retaining additives, such as coconut or peat, from locally available raw materials. This goal has been achieved in all its aspects. "We have compared the physical properties of the new substrate fibres from Kleeschulte Erden with those of brown peat, white peat, coconut products and normal wood fibres. The results are extremely persuasive with respect to water-retaining capacity and shrinkage behaviour. Regarded from these viewpoints, it is a real alternative to coconut products and not least to peat.“ states Hagen Knafla, an independent industry expert from the firm of horticon. His opinion confirms that topora®aqua retains water to a high degree and makes a worthwhile contribution both in terms of specialist knowledge and of ecology. Use of this raw material obtained from local sources is ideal in terms of cost-effectiveness.

Water-retaining properties are a major component of potting composts and substrates. Normally peat is used to provide these properties. In the past peat-free soils have lacked local products with comparable properties. Until now, imported products made from coconut have been the usual choice. However, these products are not without controversy. Coconut has to be transported over long distances, is therefore correspondingly costly and in addition it‘s controversial to clean and prepare the material.

In addition to giving heed to the scientific arguments, the ecological and logistic benefits in comparison to peat or coconut are especially worth noting. topora®aqua is produced from untreated, local timber, with no chemical additives. The material is available for composting just in time and in comparison with coconut its use makes sound economic sense. 

Kleeschulte Erden – specialising in sustainable soils has been producing and marketing sustainable raw materials, substrates, soils and decorative mulches for over 30 years. Very early, the Westphalia‐based company started to specialise in the production of sustainable and bio‐certified products which are low in peat or peat‐free. As a result, the company created a niche for itself on the German market and today is one of the leading companies in this segment. In addition to the German market, Kleeschulte supplies substrate producers all over Europe.

Kleeschulte Erden GmbH & Co. KG
Ralf Schilling
Briloner Str. 1459602
Tel. 02952 9726-0

Publication date: 1/29/2018



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