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US: Strawberry growers learn about automatic retractable roof houses

Luis Gaxiola who is responsible for technical support for berry growers at Cravo gave a presentation at the North American Strawberry Growers Association conference in New Orleans this week.

Key learnings from growers currently benefiting from using the climate optimization, nature and protection as crop management strategies inside their retractable roof houses include:
  • How to optimize plant density to maximize kg/ hectare
  • Yields of 54,000- 92,000 lbs/ acre or 61,000 to 104,000 kg/ hectare
  • How to maximize yield and brix using a combination of natural and protected conditions
  • Strategies to produce in cold climates using retractable greenhouse roofs
  • Strategies to produce in hot climates using retractable cooling roofs
  • Strategies to advance or delay the harvest to hit premium price windows
  • How to naturally reduce the entry and reproduction of pests
  • How to naturally reduce foliar disease
  • How to incorporate spraying into the design of the house
  • Strategies to improve harvesting efficiency
For more information:
Luis Gaxiola

Publication date: 1/24/2018



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