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PRO-MIX is launched in France

Premier Tech Horticulture is launching its PRO‑MIXMC line for off-soil vegetable productions in France. As the new year starts, the company steps into the vegetable production picture with a product line relying on both Premier Tech Horticulture's expertise and the effectiveness of the microorganisms developed by Premier Tech.

The microorganisms contained in PRO‑MIXMC products have been selected for their beneficial effects on the growth of various vegetable crops. Two major natural active ingredients are added to the formulations: Bacillus Pumilus (PTB180 – AMM 1150019), and mycorrhizae (Glomus Intraradices PTB297 – AMM 1170375), microorganisms selected to stimulate the development of roots, promote the growth of crops, and invigorate soils, and this, in a most natural and effective way.

The launch of January 10, 2018, also marks the 50 years of existence of the PRO‑MIXMC brand in North America. The choice of the name PRO‑MIXMC affirms Premier Tech's will to strengthen its image and visibility on French markets, allowing the company to increase its local presence with Premier Tech Horticulture.

Vivy: European head office
Vivy (Maine-et-Loire 49) groups together the growing media activities with Premier Tech Horticulture (3 production sites in France (Vivy 49, Aubigné-Racan 72, Arandon 38 and 1 production site in the Ivory Coast for coir) and the marketing activities of natural active ingredients on agricultural markets with Premier Tech Agriculture.

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Publication date: 1/23/2018



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