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Lex van der Ende, Van der Ende Group

"Our people are the key to our success"

At Van der Ende Group all the stops are pulled out to let people do what they're good at. "You have to use talent," is a well known saying by Lex. The right person at the right place. Direction and middle frame recently conducted 360 degree tests and coaching talks to stimulate the awareness process. What am I good at? What gives me energy? And does that fit into my current function? Sometimes there were surprising results. Lex: "of course you can develop certain skills, but let's at least use our talent."

In 2017 14 people were hired. During the internal traineeship they get to know the entire company. This means they know what goes on in other departments as well.

André van den Berg and Albert Sloendregt have a collective 45 years of experience with Van der Ende Group. These men are the driving force of the Van der Ende College with as its goal to bring employees closer to the market and each other. During this training knowledge and experience are shared. The participants come from different departments within the company. The knowledge present is layered. These are useful sessions.

The atmosphere is familiar and open. This is important. "Through this I hope our people are invited to think along, in all kinds of areas." The move at hand is a good example of this. It will finally be time in the second quarter. We will move to the new location on the Aartsdijkweg (Maasdijk). Of course this is difficult. But how do you handle this? How do you keep everyone involved?

The MT and the Direction have divided the new location. "Logistically it should be organised. We made ten project groups that have their own division of their department and one future proof plan. We want to involve everyone in this process and this resulted in a lot of great ideas. To keep the staff informed on the latest developments in the new location, we regularly finish half an hour early on a Friday and present the latest 'moving news'. This also fits into the employee policy at Van der Ende Group; involving people in the process.

For more information:
Van der Ende Groep
Tel: 0031 (0) 174 51 50 50

Publication date: 1/26/2018



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