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Totam Seeds develops:

Tolima: new large tomato with a good taste

With the tomato variety Tolima, the young breeding company Totam Seeds claims to have developed a tasty tomato in its weight class. "Tolima is a large variety of 150-160 grams with excellent fruit quality. The variety is ideal for long cultivations. Growers are particularly enthusiastic because of the excellent taste, the high total production and the (dark) red color of the variety. Tolima has already proven itself under various conditions worldwide", says manager Niels Koolstra.

Totam Seeds is a young breeding company presenting itself as no-nonsense and focussing on the development of tomato varieties with good taste, high quality and high yield. The company was founded In 2010 by a number of growers with experience and knowledge of tomato cultivation. 

"Totam Seeds is one of the youngest breeding companies in the world. In itself this is not a special achievement, but despite our 'age' we are professional, ambitious and growing strongly in the field of knowledge, varieties and customers.  In particular the available (practical) knowledge makes Totam Seeds a unique breeding company," Niels says proudly. 

"We also are almost weekly visited by Dutch tomato growers. In other words, the people who ultimately have to start working with our varieties. We also take the wishes of the growers to the 'drawing board', after which we set up a breeding program."

Mexico, US, Canada and New Zealand
A number of years ago, the company started to develop the Tolima tomato, after which the variety was tested worldwide. "Tolima is unique because it is a variety that can compete with the heavyweights and furthermore has a good taste and unique appearance," Niels explains. "Also in a number of taste tests, the variety has emerged as a winner and also distinguished itself by its beautiful green parts, shelf life and very early production." Especially abroad, people are keen to have the tomato variety. "At the moment Tolima is mainly used in Mexico, United States, Canada and New Zealand."

For more information:
Totam Seeds
Nieuwlandsedijk 33
2691 KV 's-Gravenzande

Publication date: 1/29/2018



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