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Mushrooms becoming fashionable

In the fresh produce world, mushrooms were already a successful and exotic product, but the crop might also be interesting as base material to replace high-quality fabrics such as leather. Myomy do goods became curious about this, and designed a luxurious fashion accessory for the material. Next Sunday they will launch My Paper Bag, the first, and for now only, handbag made from mycelium textile.

Myomy do goods is a Dutch fashion brand that produces fairtrade sustainable designer bags. “We’re always looking for exciting, sustainable innovations. We found an American start-up, Ecovative Design, which designs products based on mycelium,” says Marja Baas, founder of Myomy do goods. In cooperation with Stichting Doen, Myomy introduces the mycelium bag in the Netherlands.

“This will happen during the fashion fair Soul Zalon next Sunday and Monday in the Westergasfabriek in Amsterdam. We’ll hand over the bag to a fashion vlogger who will test it. We’ve also sought collaboration with a tanner who works sustainably, and he will investigate whether the material can be dyed,” Marja says. “It’s also been called the 6th fabric, because it offers revolutionary possibilities after, for example, plastic, nylon, cotton and leather. As a Cradle 2 Cradle gold certified material, it becomes a raw material again after use, and it’s very nutritious for soil. It’s lightweight, grows in nine days, and can be treated as leather.” Myomy is very interested to hear what visitors of the fair will think about this unique My Paper Bag, and what test results from the fashion vlogger will be. This person will be announced on Sunday.

For more information:
Myomy do goods
Marja Baas
Kloosterstraat 1A
1411 RS
Naarden-Vesting, the Netherlands
T: +31 (0)35 695 66 10 / +31 6 519 860 18

Publication date: 1/19/2018



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