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Belgium: LED lighting continues to amaze

The average grower isnít amazed anymore by the sight of a purple sky above the greenhouse of a neighboring grower, but for the 'layman' it remains a strange phenomenon, such a purple-pink glow in the sky. What is that actually? A play of nature, a lost northern light? A UFO?

This week it happened twice: in Belgium people were amazed at the purple light over South Limburg, reports Het Belang van Limburg. Strawberry grower Jurgen Royen explains to the newspaper how this purple sky comes about: "The purple LED lighting in our greenhouses reflects on the low clouds."

Also above Etten-Leur in the Netherlands a colorful spectacle could be seen, which led to some reactions on Twitter. The purple cloud was clearly visible from the A58. 
Omroep Brabant reports in response to the photo from Christa Traksel.

Publication date: 1/24/2018



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