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New tray filler at IPM: automatize production while saving labor

This Fall Ellepot introduced their new patent pending Ellepot Tray Filler (TF-1), helping customers automatize their production while saving labor. The automation enables growers to improve productivity by establishing an efficient, uniform and faster production method by filling up to 9,000 pots per hour.

The TF-1 is designed to be easily connected to Ellepot’s semi-automatic propagation machines. Additionally, the TF-1 can be customized with drillers, dibblers, irrigation units and tray handlers in order to create a fully automatic line with a complete process handling. “We are really looking forward to show both existing and new customers that with the TF-1 growers can save money, become more efficient, productive & grow greener.” CEO Lars Steen Pedersen finished.

Features & benefits of the TF-1
  • High value at low cost
  • High capacity: up to 9,000 pots per hour
  • Fast and easy to connect with Ellepot semi-automatic machines
  • Easy to operate 1 person
  • Soft, uniform and airy Ellepots
  • User-friendly colour touch interface
  • Remote service support via LAN connection
  • Customized for pots and trays: 1 pot and 1 tray

See the TF-1 at the Ellepot booth in Hall 3 stand C.21.

For more information:
Ellepot A/S
Storstrømsvej 55
Denmark - 6715 Esbjerg N
Tel.: +45 7614 7676

Publication date: 1/17/2018



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