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Italy: Seminis Monsanto introduces Momi tomato

Seminis Monstanto launched its newly crowned tomato during an Open Day event at Azienda Agricola Terre di Capopassero (Sicily).

Above: many growers attended the event.

Momi (SVTS5096) is a green tomato variety for all season and particularly suitable for transplant periods when TYLCV becomes a real problem for table tomato crops.

Momi (SVTS5096)

It is a speciality part of the highly-flavoured tomato segment destined to both domestic and foreign retailers. 

Just like all Seminis Monsanto varieties, Momi (SVTS5096) is the result of sector analyses and R&D and was only introduced to the market after meeting all the standards set out by the prestigious seed company.

Momi (SVTS5096)

Fruits are round and regular with a bright green crown. Average grades range between 50 and 70 grams. In addition, the variety tolerates cold temperatures well, has a high Brix level, a long shelf life and a unique flavour.

Interview with Ezio Cacciaguerra and Andrea Rabito

Crops are easy to manage thanks to the fact that plants are vigorous yet productive, meaning Momi (SVTS5096) is suitable for all cultivation cycles.

Once again, Seminis Monsanto makes its experience available to producers and interprets the needs of growers.

Above: a Monsanto technician illustrated the characteristics of the Momi variety to producers. 

Seminis Monsanto is fully committed to finding all possible solutions to cultivation problems thanks to the close relationship with those working in the fields and greenhouses.

Group photo with the technicians and owners of the company that hosted the open day 

Seminis Monsanto technicians employ their knowhow and resources to help producers every day. The extremely diverse weather and soil conditions mean agronomic techniques must be "calibrated" for specific areas.

Momi tomatoes by Seminis Monsanto.

Momi (SVTS5096) is part of the large range of Seminis Monsanto tomatoes which include Eshkol vine, Maraskino cocktail plum and Cikito cherry plum truss tomatoes.

Monsanto Agricoltura Italia Spa

Paolo Pesaresi
Executive Area Manager Sicilia
Cell +39 3355208920
Nunzio Guastella
TD Pomodoro Italia
Cell +39 3316593844

Publication date: 1/25/2018



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