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Spain: Organic food consumption continues to grow

The consumption of organic food, worth 1,685.5 million Euro in 2016, 12.5% ​​more compared to the previous year, continues with the positive trend of recent years and has recorded double-digit increases for its third consecutive year, according to the latest official data.

The report of the Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries, Food and Environment on the definition and structuring of organic production in Spain suggests that it is "a really important growth," in line with what has been observed in the main world markets for bio products, such as the United States, France or Germany.

It also highlights that this growth "has been much higher than that observed for food and beverages in Spain as a whole," since organic consumption grew by 12.5% in 2016 compared to 2015, that of conventional food grew by just 0.7%.

Before 2020, organic consumption could account for over 2% of the total
Organic products already account for 1.69% of the total food shopping basket, so the per capita expenditure on organic food stood at 36.33 Euro per year; 68.9% more than in 2012.

The consulting firm Prodescon, author of the study, points out that if this process of annual increases in organic consumption continues, the market share could exceed 2% before 2020, "which would have a decisive impact on the future development of the sector."


Publication date: 1/12/2018



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