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The Gardians spreads its wings

The Gardians was established last year and is ready to spread its wings. This company, which is a cooperation between Agro & Food specialist Viscon and young plant grower Hishtil, launched a year round 'mail your plants' program at the Fruit Logistica 2017. For both companies, operating on the 'end consumer market' is something new, but is open for these kind of products. For example, a major retailer in Italy will start a marketing campaign during this spring, says Maya Avni, a director at the Gardians company.

The Gardians

The Gardians
As well as the company name, the name of the products is The Gardians. These are little young plants packed in a special packaging which keeps the plants fresh without extra care. The product can be sent via regular mail or placed in every store with no maintenance requirements. "The package makes shelf life longer as the humidity and air transfer keeps the plants in good shape. In the supermarket, for example, they can have a shelf life of around 5-8 days and in the fridge around 14 days." 

According to Avni, the product mainly targets the millennials that is looking for a new experience and does not have a background in growing anything. "Going green and growing organically is really a trend at the moment. On top of that, this generation likes to grow their own food and plants, but want to succeed instantly. And with a young plant, instead of a seed, the success rate will be higher."

Two of the four herb mixes. On the picture; Barbeque and Italian mix. The other mixes are Tea mix and Salad mix

Currently, the packaging has been designed in 5 different themes, consisting of four herb mixes and different themes with orchids. The mixes are supplied by Hishtil and the orchids by Dutch orchid grower Optiflor. They grow, pack and sell the young plants to garden centers and retailers. The Gardians supplies the whole concept; marketing support, license to grow and all the material to pack the product.

Spreading its wings
The company The Gardians, was launched in the beginning of 2017 and over the last year, they have put a lot of effort in trials and marketing the product. This year, more focus can be given to distributing the product and expanding the markets of the product. "At the moment, it is available at retailers and garden centers in Germany and the Netherlands, but in the near future, it will also become available in France, the UK and Italy."

Also beyond Europe, they are planning to put The Gardians on the market. "We are currently in touch with leading companies in the US and China that can grow the products for their markets", says Avni.

Next to expanding markets with their current product lines, they are also working on expanding the lines. "Soon, we will introduce indoor plants and we are eager to expand with bedding pants too. Currently, we are trialing different varieties in our Hishtil facilities."

IPM and Fruit Ligistica
Eager to learn more about The Gardians? They are on display at the booth of Hishtil and Viscon AimFresh (The retail division of Viscon Group) at the IPM Essen (January 23-26) and Fruit Logistia Berlin (February 7-9)

For more information:
The Gardians
Facebook: The Gardians

22nd Yarden st. Moshav Nehalim, 4995000, Israel 
Tel: +972-3-937-3111
Fax: +972-3-937-3150

Viscon Group
Mijlweg 18
3295 KH 's-Gravendeel
P.O. Box 5103
3295 ZG 's-Gravendeel
T: +31 (0) 78 673 98 98
F: +31 (0) 78 673 34 34

Publication date: 1/12/2018



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