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Arno Eussen hands over ClimaConnect activities to KUBO

Starting in 2015 the ClimaConnect team has developed its Full Service Grow Concepts. The company has grown to a level where professional support services are rolled out in turn-key greenhouse projects in four different continents. Now is time for a new step.

Per 01-02-2018 the operational activities of ClimaConnect will be integrated in the KUBO organization. As a result of this, co-founder and co-owner, Arno Eussen will step back and hand over his shares to KUBO. "The start-up phase of ClimaConnect has been successfully brought into practice with a professional team of 6 academic professionals. The scale-up phase of the organization will take place as an integrated part of the KUBO organization and developed further in close cooperation with customers", they explain.

Knowledge and technology
ClimaConnect develops Full Service Grow Concepts for growers and investors. "With knowledge and technology we develop the concepts for greenhouse operations to help realize the best ROI with minimum use of natural resources", they explain. "Our unique value propositions are making sustainable food production accessible, professional support worldwide, ongoing innovation and knowledge exchange."

This is done by focusing on four pillars:

1.         Feasibility Studies: Data-driven study to determine the market and product configuration that is most feasible (i.e. economically attractive) for a given client.
2.         Quality Management: Initial start-up support to instruct and start up the climate system and organisation of a new built facility. It includes technical set up support, practical training, blueprint & certification, registration tools:
3.         Data analysis and remote project management: Continuous monitoring, adjusting settings and defining the most efficient use of the Ultra-Clima technology. Data Analysis is a key tool used in the remote project management. Weekly analysis and exchange on issues and critical parameters via meetings with online video conferencing.
4.         Consultancy: Support of a professional consultant specialized in the specific variety (varieties) of the crop. This is an on-site support with monthly crop consultant visits or/and appointed interim grower, among others.

The board of directors of KUBO and Arno Eussen are proud of the delivered results and achievements. Arno Eussen will continue his activities from Freshprojects in building new ventures in the International Horticultural Industry.

Contact information:

KUBO Group

Ing. Arno Eussen MSc.
Fresh Projects
+31 (0)6-53725523


Publication date: 1/9/2018



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