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US: Cloudponics announces new reselling program for Northeast

Cloudponics, maker of the intelligent, fully-automated IoT hydroponic plant grow system for homes called GroBox, announced a new reseller program for selling the Cloudponics GroBox and GroPro to the U.S. Northeastern region. This new program, which currently has a number of hydroponic stores in the region and with plans to sign up 250+ stores, will allow local retailers to sell the Cloudponics GroPro and the GroBox, the fully autonomous and self-sustaining hydroponics grow system for growing medicinal plants and vegetables indoors that can be easily controlled from a smartphone.

This new Cloudponics program for the Northeastern region will allow local hydroponic stores, dispensaries and smoke shops to be part of the Cloudponics reseller network. Cloudponics will also handle local marketing, partnership development, distribution and on the ground customer support in the region.

Additionally, Cloudponics is developing partnerships with medicinal consultants in the Northeast region to help promote home growing to those members of society who use medicinal cannabis for pain and multiple ailments, giving them the ability to grow their medicine at home and avoid the complications of growing quality medicine and the hassle of traveling to a dispensary. Additionally, Cloudponics is laying the groundwork for service-disabled veterans as well as organizations such as Veterans Cannabis Group and Grow For Vets. A percentage of sales will go toward advocation as well as the aim to eventually donate GroBoxes to veterans who cannot afford their own units.

Currently in the Northeastern region, Maine and Massachusetts are the only two states where marijuana is legalized for recreational use. Other East coast states where medical marijuana is broadly legalized include New Hampshire, Vermont, New York, Rhode Island, Connecticut, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Maryland, as well as the District of Columbia.

“We’re eager to spread the Cloudponics’ reach across the country, but also awareness of the grow-your-own lifestyle,” said Nico Ruiz, CPO and CoFounder of Cloudponics. “Our goal is to allow users to enjoy the beauty of growing their plants and giving them the power of controlling their own supply. No longer will folks need to go to a dispensary or experience the negative effects of commercial cannabis, such as presence of pesticides or mold.”

“Automated grow management, like we can offer with the Cloudponics App and GroBox removes the risk and intimidation and allows even the brownest of thumbs to grow the greenest of plants,” said Dave Mech, owner of Springfield, MA store, Potco. “This is the future of growing superior quality medicine at home.”

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Publication date: 1/8/2018



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