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Ginger and Turmeric as greenhouse crops

M.S. candidate Sofia Flores Vivar at the University of Florida, under the supervision of Dr. Rosanna Freyre and Dr. Paul Fisher, is researching the potential of ginger and turmeric as new container-grown crops.

Ginger and turmeric have multiple uses, including food, medicinal, beverage, and ornamental. They can be grown under greenhouse conditions, where day length and temperatures can be manipulated to produce a locally grown superfood. The main objectives of this research project are (a) to evaluate plant material sources and cultivars for the greenhouse and field production of ginger and turmeric as superfoods, and (b) identify environmental conditions that extend the growing season of plants by avoiding dormancy during short days, and improve rhizome production for an increased crop yield.

For more information:
Sofia Flores Vivar, Dr. Rosanna Freyre, and Dr. Paul Fisher, University of Florida

Publication date: 1/4/2018



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