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Why you need curtain systems in your commercial greenhouse

Greenhouse curtain systems don’t just come in a one system fits all needs package. Choosing the right greenhouse curtain system and a well-designed curtain system will not only improve the health of your crops, it will also provide significant energy savings.

Greenhouse curtain systems gained popularity in the fuel crunch of the 70s. At that time curtain systems were primarily installed for heat retention. It was typical in older glass greenhouses for fuel savings attributed to a curtain system to reach over 35% in annual energy savings. Since then curtain systems have developed to meet much more specific demands.

A general rule of thumb is that a curtain system will reduce the annual heating cost of a glass greenhouse by 35% a second curtain system or double layer curtains would reduce the heating costs by any additional 15%. In a poly greenhouse the annual energy-savings are approximately 20-25%.

Read more at GGS (Nour Doumani)

Publication date: 12/21/2017



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