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The trifecta of the Christmas season: cinnamon potatoes, wood sorrel and Chinese artichoke

'The upscale gastronomer loves small tubers'

For Christmas there are always special goods that are otherwise hardly available. The retailers are also trying to differentiate themselves with unique, upscale products on the wholesale markets. Optics, taste and just the use give an article a certain attractiveness. Cinnamon potatoes, wood sorrel and Chinese artichoke are certainly among the most beautiful Christmas items. “Top kitchens and upscale restaurants love these things as a side dish," says Munich wholesaler Sandro La Corte.

Normally, the Munich wholesale business deals mainly with the sale of potatoes, onions, garlic and vegetables. At present, however, the offer is characterized by special goods such as colored radish, chervil roots and the three root types mentioned. The cinnamon potatoes, wood sorrel and Chinese artichoke are all from the French region of Brittany and have been in the program some two or three years. La Corte: “Cultivation does not work in Germany because of the climate and soil. You can compare this, for example, with sweet potatoes.”

Left to right: cinnamon potatoes, wood sorrel roots and Chinese artichoke tubers

For star chefs and upscale restaurants, unique root vegetables are very much in focus. Not least because the varieties can be used in so many different ways. For example, cinnamon potatoes are usually cooked and caramelized or fried and served as a side dish. Sometimes they are cut and even eaten raw. The prices are about 10 to 15 euros per kg. Those who still want to shop for the popular tubers should not wait too long, according to La Corte. “It is of course no standard product and is mainly eaten at Christmas and New Year's Eve. After that, we will retain these three varieties in our assortment until February.”

La Corte in his warehouse in the so-called 'potato street' on the Munich Wholesale Market

Vegetable specialist
The company K. & A. Rittner has been present on the Munich wholesale market for 70 years and has specialized itself in the sale of vegetables. Usually it offers garlic, potatoes, onions and carrots from all over the world. Due to intensive contacts with French partner companies, the wholesaler is able to offer many products all year round.

Also on offer at the Munich wholesaler: colored radish tubers with red pulp

For more information:
K.&A. Rittner GmbH
Inh. Sandro LA Corte & Jochen Lautner
Schäftlarnstrasse 10
Grossmarkt München
81371 München
Fon: +49 89 7460292

Publication date: 12/13/2017



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