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China: Shandong vegetable prices have been rising for two weeks

According to the newest report on the prices of 35 kinds of vegetables from the Shandong Agricultural Information Network, Shandong vegetable prices have been increasing from 27 November until 3 December. This rising trend has been going on for two weeks. According to the report, the average Shandong vegetable price from 27 November until 3 December was 1.53 yuan per 500 gram. This is a drop of 20% from last year, and an increase of 1.77% from last month. Compared to last year, the prices of 29 kinds of Shandong vegetables have dropped. The prices for the remaining 6 kinds increased.

Shandong is an important producer, processor and exporter of agricultural produce in China. With its vegetable production area of over 3 million hectares (30 million mu) and a total production of 103.27 million tons, it ranks first in all of China. Agricultural experts from Shandong believe that at the start of winter, the vegetable production will slow down, and the production will decrease. Furthermore, because of the cold weather, the market in the north of China will gradually become more dependent on vegetables from the south, and on supply from greenhouses. An increase in the different costs, such as production, transportation and sales, will lead to a rise in the Shandong vegetable prices.

Source: Xinhua News Agency

Publication date: 12/13/2017



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