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2 minute video

How to get fast, accurate root zone moisture and EC data

A new video from Delta-T Devices explains how the WET Sensor enables growers to measure three vital substrate properties: water content, pore water electrical conductivity (EC) and temperature. 

The video covers the use of the sensor and its key benefits.

"The WET Sensor is used by growers to take hundreds of substrate readings each day to guide fertigation decisions, helping to establish and maintain optimal growing conditions. Readings are displayed for immediate interpretation, and can also be stored on the hand-held meter for later download to PC", says Delta T's Tony Peloe. "The WET Sensor’s strong sharp stainless steel rods are easy to push into substrates, minimising root and structural disturbance. Temperature measurement, essential for compensating the EC measurement, is taken down in the root zone, ensuring highest accuracy. Control of fertigation is critical for yield and quality, and effective control is only possible with accurate measurements. Altogether, it makes the sensor fast, accurate and easy to use," 

Five calibrations
WET Sensor substrate calibrations are available for growers using coir, peat, mineral wool, and potting soils. Up to five additional custom calibrations can be stored on the handheld meter. 
The WET Sensor can also be installed into the substrate for integration into irrigation and fertigation control systems.

Delta-T Devices's Tony Peloe concludes, “For many leading growers the WET Sensor has become an indispensable management tool – with hundreds of readings on a daily basis taken throughout the growing season. Such accurate data can help ensure crops are grown under optimal conditions, contributing to higher crop quality and yields. 

For more information:
Delta-T Devices

Dominic Cahalin, Marcoms Coordinator
130 Low Rd
CB25 0EJ    UK

Publication date: 12/8/2017
Author: Arlette Sijmonsma



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