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EU: Revised wording in CPVO vegetable technical questionnaires

At the last annual CPVO Vegetable Expert Meeting (VEM), the representatives of the CPVO, the vegetable entrusted examination offices and the European Seed Association (ESA) agreed to revise the wording of question 04.01 regarding the breeding scheme, for all CPVO vegetable technical questionnaires.

As from 5th December 2017, the wording of question 04.01 in all of the online and paper CPVO vegetable questionnaires will be the following:  

04.01 Type of material (this question could be confidential)
  • hybrid
  • cross-pollinated variety
  • self-pollinated variety
  • parent line
Applicants should fill in one of the four options according to the breeding scheme of the candidate variety being the subject of the application.

Please note that any vegetable technical questionnaires received by the CPVO after the 5th of December 2017 using a different format for question 04.01 than the one outlined above, may result in the Office not being able to attribute an application date and issuing a “No-form”.

Publication date: 12/7/2017



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