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Photo report: Fresh produce in Shanghai supermarkets

Fresh produce sections are hard to find in Chinese supermarkets, or at least that's true in Shanghai, as it is not considered to be a very important purchase.

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Dirty carrots in poor shape

The Italian delegation at Mac Fruit Attraction China (22-24 November 2017) visited a few Shanghai supermarkets. It emerged that fresh produce is rather expensive and consumers tend to prefer imported productions, as purchasing foreign fruit and vegetables is a status symbol.

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Vegetable area with humidifier

The first supermarket we visited was part of the Da Run Fa chain. The level was average with both imported and domestic produce. Carrots were loose with rotting leaves and dirty roots, but it didn't seem to be a problem for the Chinese. It may actually be considered a way to save some money.

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Low-quality cherries sold at a high price

The second supermarket was part of the Carrefour chain and the level appeared to be higher. Everything was well organised and clean and there were even operators who packaged the produce in front of the customers.

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Jujube packets

Kiwis are very expensive, as they cost the equivalent of around €1 per fruit (we're talking about high Zespri quality). It is rather weird that, in the homeland of kiwis, consumers have to pay €1 each for them.

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There were also low-quality cherries from the US sold at €25/kg. Then there were jujubes, packaged at a really advanced ripening stage.

There is nothing organic. Apples are rather expensive as they are sold at around €5/kg and they are packaged or wrapped in decorative tissue.

Publication date: 12/8/2017



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