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"Prevent rust formation on heating pipes"

Ren van der Horst of spraying company R. van der Horst has been maintaining heating pipes for over 40 years. He does this among growers domestically and abroad. Ren: "The paint layer on heating pipes has to deal with a lot due to the influences of moisture, residue and mechanical taxation. It's important to paint the pipes on time. This has three functions: The paint layer offers protection against rust, improves the light reflection and ensures the heat is passed on more efficiently."

"It is advisable to conduct maintenance before rust forms. When this happens the existing layer of paint is already so badly affected that the steel starts to show patches of rust. Rust is hard to stop. Rusting through can be prevented by covering the rust with one or two new layers of paint. Rust is created due to moisture and oxygen."

Surface tolerant
"When people do maintenance on time, the heating pipes consist of a new top layer which protects them against the outside influences. A paint which is surface tolerant is then used, which means that the surface isn't completely clean when the paint is applied. Our experience is that solvent based paints adhere better to unclean than to a clean heating pipe."

New developments
"The developments for water and oil based paint certainly continue. The market is asking for more and more. We aim for high sustainability for our products. We can't yet guarantee this for new products due to the practical circumstances. We can choose from different kinds of paint. The choice depends on the taxation of the paint and the environment the pipe is in."

"At the moment we are busy with painting work at new construction sites, on projects where the greenhouse is being prepared for a different cultivation and in greenhouses where maintenance work is taking place. We also supply complete paint packages to carry out the maintenance in your own time."

For more information: 
R. van der Horst B.V.
Mercuriusplein 4a
2685 LP Poeldijk
+31 (0) 174 240 531

Publication date: 12/8/2017



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