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China: "High pressure sodium lamps can satisfy demands for diversification"

"The growth of agricultural products is closely connected to the presence of light. When there is not enough light on a field, for example because of geographical limitations, artificial light can be a solution. Our high pressure sodium lamps can satisfy the customers' demands for diversification," according to Mr. Dong Meng of Ushio Trade (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.

A paprika greenhouse, lit by BLV high pressure sodium lamps

Our high pressure sodium lamps – produced in Europe under the BLV HORTURION brand name - are already very popular on the European and North American markets, and have received nothing but praise from abroad. Compared to LED lights, high pressure sodium lamps have some unique characteristics. Our lamps are most effective at 1000 or 750 watt, while LED lights work with 500 or 1000 watt. These are high voltages, which means that it is hard to solve the problem of overheating."

BLV HORTURION TL luminaire with HPS lamp

“We have already prepared for the sale of our high pressure sodium lamps on the Chinese market. We now only need the demand of our customers or our potential sales partners, and can then start supplying. To satisfy the different demands of different customers, while we have standardized our supply, we are also offering lighting solutions, based on the customer's crops and geographical environment of his fields, and give personal advice on lighting distance and time."

A greenhouse, lit by BLV HORTURION high pressure sodium lamps

"The headquarters of Ushio Trade (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. is located in Japan. We have branch offices in Shanghai and Shenzhen as well. After working hard for many years on all different areas, from the production of semiconductors to medical treatments, environment, and agriculture, all our different products with our unique lighting technology are now leaders in the industry, and have laid the foundation for new applications of light," states Mr. Dong Meng from Ushio Trade (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.

BLV HORTURION 1000W high pressure sodium lamp (HPS)

"Technology is the foundation for developments in lighting. This is our advantage. We are working closely together with Japanese schools, industry experts, and Chinese agricultural professors and certainly with our BLV colleagues in Europe where the lamps and luminaires are produced. Together, we are promoting technological research and development."

The spectrum of high pressure sodium lamps

"Furthermore, apart from the equipment, we are also providing valuable services: for example, we have horticultural experts at our company. They can give their professional advice on investments, inspections and production, so that our customers can successfully manage their production. Apart from high pressure sodium lamps, we are also bringing other agricultural products on the Chinese market, such as container production and LED lights."

Wan Lili
Ushio Trade (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.
Phone: +86 136 3266 4012

Publication date: 12/4/2017



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