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Spain gets first salicornia plantation

Manuel Díaz and Demófilo Vitorique, two young entrepreneurs from Isla Cristina, in Huelva, have set up the first salicornia (popularly known as "sea asparagus") plantation in Spain. The initiative has been put into motion after five years of research.

According to its promoters, salicornia is a halophyte plant of the same family as spinach and chard which normally grows in areas that are sporadically flooded by salty waters. The plantation will make it possible to harvest it for its use in haute cuisine dishes, as is already done in France and the UK.

It is the result of a project known as Marshfood which will result in the crop being grown in a controlled manner for the first time in Spain. This production will be complemented by those in Portugal, France, the UK, Germany or the Netherlands.

Moreover, its cultivation won't have any impact on the environment in the Natural Area of ​​the Marshes of Isla Cristina, especially because the plant only needs to be irrigated with salt water, since it grows in identical conditions to those observed in the natural environment.

Source: EFE

Publication date: 11/30/2017



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