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NL: New Geothermal Energy Alliance in South Holland

The province of South Holland, DAGO (Dutch Association of Geothermal Operators), EBN B.V., Eneco, HVC, Hydreco GeoMEC B.V. and Westland municipality are going to collaborate under the name Geothermie Alliantie Zuid-Holland to improve the sustainability of the heat supply through the extraction of geothermal energy in South Holland.

The Geothermie Alliantie was established to promote the extraction and use of sustainable heat from the deep underground (geothermal energy) in the province of South Holland. This will be done by looking at the optimal possibilities for the development of geothermal energy in South Holland. And how these can be turned into concrete plans to be able to extract geothermal energy safely and in a socially responsible way. To this end, all participating parties will contribute their relevant knowledge and experience in the field of geothermal energy, the development of infrastructure and the heat market.

The majority of the geothermal projects realized in the Netherlands are located in South Holland (8 out of 15). Generally, this involves initiatives from greenhouse horticulture companies that have explored and realized the possibilities of geothermal energy. It is expected that geothermal heat can also be extracted in the coming period on a large scale for the heating of homes, offices and other industries, for example via the linking with the construction of a heating network.

Publication date: 11/23/2017



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